Kolkata Fatafat FF Result Today Live 12 March 2024, Ghosh Babu Tips, Lucky Number

Kolkata Fatafat FF Result Today: In this post, we are going to give you complete information about Kolkata Fatafat FF Result, along with this you will also get every news related to this lottery game like Kolkata Fatafat FF Tips, Kolkata Fatafat Result Lucky Number, Ghosh Babu. We are going to give every smallest information related to Tips and Kolkata Fatafat Goswami etc. Along with this, we update Kolkata Fatafat FF Result every day on our website. From here you can also check your result easily and if you want from our website. If you join, you will get Kolkata Fatafat FF Result Live updates directly on your mobile.

Kolkata Fatafat FF Result Today Live 

Kolkata Fatafat Result Today Live: If all of you have reached this website to see the live result of Kolkata Fatafat FF, then you will not be disappointed. We have given the live result below. Along with this, we want to tell you that our website is the first to see the result. It is not so easy but we work hard for it, so you are also requested to share this post of ours and also bookmark our website so that you can visit it again and again for Kolkata Fafafat FF Result. Don’t have to wander here and there.

BaaziKolkata Fatafat ResultKolkata FF Result
Pahli Baazi (10:30 AM)6905
Dusri Baazi (12:00 PM)7906
Teesri Baazi (1:30 PM)2787
Chouthi Baazi (3:00 PM)1236
Panchvi Baazi (4:30 PM)4802
Chhathi Baazi (6:00 PM)4903
Santvi Baazi (7:30 PM)3698
Aanthvi Baazi (9:00 PM)1887

How to Play Kolkata Fatafat FF Result Game 

Kolkata Fatafat FF Result is played in Kolkata city and its surrounding areas, people come from far and wide to be a part of this game. This game is very much liked here. To play this game, the participant chooses a number between 0-9 and if that number is drawn in the lottery then that person becomes the winner of this game. It is not as simple as it looks because in this The more chances are lost, the more chances there are to lose. Therefore, it is advised that the financial risk involved in this type of game is very high.

How To Win Kolkata Fatafat Result Game

Although there is no trick to win the Kolkata Fatafat FF Result Game, but as this game has become so popular, the logs keep sharing some tips for this game so that you can win this game. There are very few chances of winning but we want to tell you that if you really want to play this game then you should keep some things in mind like you will have to look at the old results and find out which numbers are the highest. Coming again and again and the chances of those numbers coming back again are high.

How To Find Kolkata Fatafat FF Result Lucky Number 

Although it is not so easy to find the Lucky Number of Kolkata Fatafat FF, but by applying some tricks you can find its Lucky Number, the simple method of which we have given separately.

  • If you are trying to get lucky numbers of Kolkata Fatafat FF, then first of all you have to check the old results of this game.
  • If you want then first search by writing Kolkata Fatafat FF Old Result and then see all its old results properly.
  • After this, see who are getting the highest marks in this result and make a complete list of them.
  • Now you also see how many times that number is repeating in a year and when it is coming.
  • That means you have to calculate an average of the time between the recurrence of that number.
  • Now after this average you will find your own lucky number which can help you win in this game.
  • If you want us to find a lucky number for you, you can tell us by commenting below.

Kolkata Fatafat FF Result Timing 

Kolkata Fatafat FF Timing: Kolkata Fatafat FF is a lottery game and this game is played and liked with great enthusiasm in some areas in and around Kolkata. This game is played offline but its results are updated online on websites. The results of this game come every one and a half hour. The results of the game start coming at 10:30 in the morning and continue till 9 in the night. Along with this, we have explained below how and when the results come.

Pahla Round10:30AM
Dusra Round12:00PM
Teesra Round1:30PM
Choutha Round 3:00PM
Panchva Round4:30PM
Chhatha Round6:00PM
Santva Round7:30PM
Aanthva Round9:00PM

Kolkata Fatafat FF Result Winning Prizes

Kolkata Fatafat FF Result Prizes: Kolkata likes to play this game because of the prize of Fatafat FF because whoever comes first in this game gets a chance to win Rs 1 crore in this game along with other The winner of this game gets Rs 9000 as a reward, whereas the participant who comes third in this game gets only Rs 500 as a reward, not only this, the participant who comes fourth and fifth also You can win money from this game which we have explained further.

Rank 11 Crore
Rank 29000 INR
Rank 3500 INR
Rank 4250 INR
Rank 5125 INR

Kolkata Fatafat FF Result Tips By Ghosh Babu 2024

Kolkata Fatafat FF Result Tips Ghosh Babu: People playing Kolkata Fatafat FF game know Ghosh Babu very well because his tips are most correct and people like to watch him, so we are going to give you further Ghosh Babu tips. Besides, we also keep sharing Ghosh Babu Tips on our site which you can see which can help you win this game. If you want to see Kolkata Fatafat FF Result Ghosh Babu Tips then you can read the post given below. Is.

Kolkata Fatafat FF Tips Ghosh Babu

Kolkata Fatafat FF Result Pros And Cons

Kolkata Fatafat FF Result Pros: People playing Kolkata Fatafat FF Result Game are very excited to know its benefits, so we have told you the good things related to this game below.

  • By playing Kolkata Fatafat FF Result game, you can become a millionaire overnight.
  • People playing this game can become rich overnight on the basis of their luck even by investing very little money.
  • People playing Kolkata Fatafat FF game can also win the game with some tips etc. and become rich.
  • People who play Kolkata Fatafat FF game a lot can also become eligible to come first in this game.
  • A person who believes in his luck and is destined to win can become a millionaire overnight.

Kolkata Fatafat FF Result Cons: There are many benefits of playing this lottery game, but the disadvantages are many times more than that, so further we have told the disadvantages of this game.

  • A person who invests money in Kolkata Tatafat FF game and hopes to become a millionaire overnight can also lose all his earned money in the lottery.
  • After playing lottery games like Kolkata Fatafat FF too much, one can become addicted to this game, which is very difficult to quit and can worsen the financial condition.
  • People who play Kolkata Fatafat FF Result everyday, without paying attention to their other work, lose both their money and time in this also.
  • People who dream of becoming rich by winning money from such lottery games have rarely been successful, that is, people try their luck even if there is not even 1 percent chance of winning.
  • In order to win money from such games, people even sell many of their household items and still are not able to become rich.

How to 1 Crore Rupees With Kolkata Fatafat FF Game

Kolkata Fatafat FF Result Game is a lottery game in which the person who wins gets a prize of Rs 1 crore, but it is not so easy because the number of people playing this game is also in lakhs, so if you play this game then The chances of winning it are very less, yet people like to play this game and its popularity is continuously increasing. In such a situation, we want to tell you that we cannot say anything about it, but the one who has good luck can play this game. By becoming a part one can win crores of rupees.

Kolkata Fatafat FF Result Official Website

Kolkata Fatafat FF Result Official Website: Although no official website has been released by this lottery team from where people can easily see the Kolkata Fatafat FF Result, but we are working to provide you this result first on our website. We do this which can be very beneficial for you. If you want to see your Kolkata Fatafat FF Result daily then you can join our website and also join our WhatsApp Group and Telegram channel.

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